Kiama Legal | Dispute Resolution


We can help you resolve your dispute - we act in debt recovery, employment disputes, building disputes, contract disputes, consumer law, personal injury law and family law.

Kiama Legal | Negotiation and Mediation


Elizabeth Dalyell, the Principal of Kiama Legal, has a Masters of Law majoring in Dispute Resolution. She has a particular interest in dispute resolution processes including negotiation and mediation. Elizabeth believes that litigation should be your last resort - it is costly, time consuming, stressful and does not mean that you your end result will be better than a negotiated outcome.

Kiama Legal | Solicitor Litigation and Lawyer for Court Hearings


In some cases, such as where the other party is unwilling to compromise or to acknowledge your claim, or where the time limit it set to expire and commencing proceedings is necessary to preserve your rights, litigation is appropriate. Commencing Court proceedings does not mean that your matter will go to a hearing - in most cases the parties are able to resolve their dispute prior to a Court hearing. There will be opportunities to engage in Alternative Dispute Resolution processes such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration before the dispute comes before the Court for hearing. You can be assured that we will do whatever is necessary to achieve a successful outcome for you.

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